In May this year, four new maps were released and few changes in the script has been made: fixed bug with onClick custom method that doesn’t work in the Multiple Clicks mode and added new option that allows to disable ability to click on regions.

New maps released

Top 10 downloads

Most downloaded maps last month:

  1. Poland
  2. World continents
  3. Europe
  4. Australia
  5. Africa
  6. South America
  7. United States of America
  8. Turkey
  9. Spain
  10. Brazil

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Map of Greece support added
Map of the French departments support added
disableClicks option added
Fixed onClick method in the Multiple Clicks mode
Map of the autonomous communities of Spain support added
Map of Spain support added

If you don’t store the jquery.cssmap.min.js file locally it was updated automatically. Otherwise update the script file.

Upcoming maps

New maps should be available this Summer.