Finally, the new version of the CSSMap plugin and the new script website have been released. Responding to the requests and suggestions of the current users it has a lot of new features and improvements. First of all, the script was rewritten and optimized, and it comes with new features as: responsiveness, improved visible list of regions, markers over the map, form support and four new map styles.

In the recent months, it would seem that the project of the clickable maps is dead, but the work on the new version (and improving previous) slowly continued responding to the requests and suggestions of the current users.

Previous versions of the CSS & jQuery maps were downloaded over 30000 times (over 3500 paid downloads) and used by hundreds of websites worldwide, by global brands, governments and small businesses. Regarding stats, the previous script is referring over two million times monthly.

The script and the style sheets have been rewritten from scratch, which allowed to simplify the code, speed up generating maps and add new features. Now the map is rendered up to 30% faster than previous version.

CSSMap - default map styles
Four new map styles available out of the box – default, vintage, blue and dark

The new CSSMap plugin comes with visual options generator to test all settings and generate ready to use source code.

New features

CSSMap - options generator
Options generator helps set options and generate ready to use source code

Now, each map is fully responsive and can fit width and/or height of the browser window or map’s container. Maps are delivered in a variety of sizes. Mainly from 320 up to 1450 pixels wide (including gaps). Portrait orientated maps may resize from 250 up to 960 pixels wide.

Automatic responsiveness is enabled by default, but you can set your own steps of the window and map sizes.

New visible list options

Previously, the correct positioning of the visible list of regions caused some difficulties. New options allows to set position of the visible list, split it into columns, set width and columns gaps.

Set markers over the map

Probably the most awaited feature – markers (pins) over the map – is officially available. As the map itself, markers are also based on the unordered list, so they can be accessed even if the map could not be loaded.

Markers also works with responsive settings, but may cause some positioning issues.

Form support

New script allows to fill in any input field on the same page with name, link or class of each region – works with multiple selections and hidden fields as well.

It also allows convert list of regions into select dropdown menu. Of course, you can use that option to activate regions.

Check out the new demo page and play with all new settings.

CSSMap - .PSD source file layers
Package contains editable .PSD source files
High quality .psd files included

With the new version of the script, each map is delivered in four default styles and allows to use custom style. You can easily create your own maps style using included .PSD source files and add it to the plugin.

As previously, all maps delivered with editable source files for further customizations. For better control over the regions, each layer is a separate scalable vector shape.

Maps have been hand drawn in the highest possible quality and can be used separately in other web or graphic projects, even in print.

What next?

Updating each map takes a lot of time, but previously available maps, will be on sale as soon as possible.

Upcoming maps

New maps should be available in May.

The new version of the script comes with new website and finally own sales system. Therefore, each download requires an email address. Read the Terms and Conditions to learn more about privacy.

Now you can save 20% on paid maps by entering the SUMMER16 discount code at checkout.

This is a single-use per customer discount code, and will be valid until September 22nd, 2016.