Previous versions of the CSS & jQuery maps are used by hundreds of websites worldwide, by global brands, governments and small businesses. This is a short list of best implementations and live examples of the CSSMap plugin.

Custom map of the World

This’s an example of the custom map of the World I’ve made for the Fascination of Plants Day. The map of the World allows to toggle the map of Europe with transition effect and it’s used to link to details about national coordinators of each country. It’s a good example how you can customize the tooltip of each region.

CSSMap example at
Custom map of the World at website

Visit: Fascination of Plants Day –

Advanced use of the list of addresses

Website of the wooden doors manufacturer Voster is the best example of the advanced customization of the list of addresses. It uses default option to show/hide their distributors listed by cities and uses simple toggle effect to show addresses.

CSSMap example at website
Example of the advanced use of the list of addresses option at website.

Visit: Voster –

Custom styled maps with visible list of regions

Two nice examples of map appearance customization with visible list of regions. Both websites use the default visibleList option well suited to the style of the entire page. The visible list of regions by default allows to select each region and set hover effects over the map, as well.

CSSMap example at website
Example of the custom map style with visible list of regions at website

Visit: Duraterm –

Rzeczpospolita – the leading Polish newspaper – uses the CSSMap plugin at their website to search hotels where it’s available.

CSSMap example at Rzeczpospolita website
Example of the custom map style with visible list of regions at Rzeczpospolita website

Visit: Rzeczpospolita –

Custom style and events

Website of the Polish Fencing Association is a great example of the map customizations. Not only beautifully modified appearance of the map, as a great use of built-in event methods to show details about the clubs.

Each map is delivered with editable .PSD source files for further customizations. For better control over the regions, each layer is a separate scalable vector shape.

CSSMap plugin at website
Beautifully styled map and custom events usage at website

Visit: Polski Związek Szermierczy –

Other live examples

CSSMap example at website
Map of Europe beautifully integrated with the background of the previous website.

If you know other examples of CSSMap plugin usage or would like to share your own, leave a link in the comment section below.