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CSSMap - Europe


Free interactive map of forty-seven countries of the European continent.

Maps of May 2016 cover image

Maps of May 2016

In May this year, four new maps were released and few changes in the script has been made: fixed bug with onClick custom method that doesn’t work in the Multiple Clicks mode and added new option that allows to disable ability to click on regions.

CSSMap best usage and live examples cover image

Best usage and live examples

Previous versions of the CSS & jQuery maps are used by hundreds of websites worldwide, by global brands, governments and small businesses. This is a short list of best implementations and live examples of the CSSMap plugin.


List of all options and settings of the $.CSSMap(); function. Detailed informations about each option, basic requirements, browsers support and troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions with samples. Check out how to fix common problems with the map setup.